Coming from the Sunshine State, Mark Maverick shows that big things come in small packages. At 5’6”, 185, Maverick comes at his opponents from all directions. Trained by the infamous “Showtime” Shane Black, one of the star students of the legendary tag team The Wild Samoans.Opponents in the Junior Heavyweight division should be on the lookout for the “Mark of Greatness,” Maverick’s quick–strike finishing maneuver. However, Maverick has also proven nearly unbeatable when he applies the “Mark of Death,” which can come at any time, from anywhere.

Mark Maverick knows that fans, fellow wrestlers, and the decision makers in the offices of wrestling promotions around the world discount him because of his size, so he is on a mission to prove that he is one of the pound-for-pound best in the NWA. Mark Maverick says that he IS “The Proof of Greatness.”  Check out Mark Maverick’s bio

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