Name: Chance Prophet
From: Point Pleasant, WV

“The Dark Child” Chance Prophet was trained by Adorable Danny Ray (who helped train WWE Superstar Jamie Noble) and Jesse Hernandez. Prophet has undergone many changes since first debuting in the National Wrestling Alliance. Once a clean-cut upholder of rules and “all things Tradition,” that all began to change when Prophet suffered an injury in 2007 that kept him out of competition for 6 months. The injury forced Prophet to forfeit the NWA National Heavyweight Championship.

“The Dark Child” emerged as a result of the many obstacles en route to reclaiming the NWA National Heavyweight Championship. Using his new, darker arsenal of painful maneuvers, including Blind Enziguri, Flying Knee Strike, and the “Doomsayer DDT,” Prophet kept the NWA National Heavyweight Championship for an impressive run, which included successful defenses against superstars such as Tommy Dreamer, Al Snow, Colt Cabana, and many others stars of the NWA.

Chance Prophet is a perennial contender for many of the top belts in the entire NWA, with the National, North American, and the World’s Heavyweight Championships always within reach. This young, talented veteran has made a vow to tear through anyone that stands in his way in NWA Mid-Atlantic Wrestling.

Chance Prophet’s Photos