Name: Damien Wayne
From: Hampton, VA

Damien Wayne is quite possibly the most successful graduates of the VCW Bump Zone in Newport News, VA. DW is a perennial Top10 Contender for the NWA World’s Heavyweight Wrestling Championship and has traveled all over the globe in pursuit of NWA Championships. DW is one of the most respected wrestlers in the entire National Wrestling Alliance.

DW hits his opponents viciously and without pause or remorse. Wayne is vicious with his physicality, wearing down big and small opponents alike with his brutal knife-edge chops. Then, he lets all the blood flow to the brain then drops his opponents in dizzying fashion with his stalling vertical suplex. DW has finished countless opponents with his “Black Rain,” as he flies from the top rope with a devastating elbow, or the “Old School,” his version of the corkscrew elbow. Then, of course, there is always the “Black Out,” Wayne’s version of the classic piledriver.

Damien Wayne says, “They call me Mr. Stop and Watch…when I’m in the ring, you have to stop and watch.” DW is itching to get the NWA World Heavyweight Championship, and has come so close so often, it seems an inevitability that “The Xperience” will bring the World Championship to NWA Mid-Atlantic. Numerous challengers have tried to knock DW off his high ranking in the NWA title hunt, but each one gets the trademark Damien Wayne glare, because…

“DW is not impressed.”

Damien Wayne’s Photos