Name Jason “The Gift” Kincaid
From: Oak Hill, WV
Finisher: Grave of the Fireflies

In nearly a decade in the sport of professional wrestling, Jason “The Gift” Kincaid is a rising star in the NWA, and widely regarded as one of the best pure wrestlers on the planet. The Gift comes from a wrestling heritage as his ancestors brought the catch-as-catch-can style to the coal camps of America. That heritage, along with the instruction of Angelo Poffo and the legendary tag team of The Batten Twins helped give The Gift the foundation to become the talented professional wrestler he is today.

Kincaid is also well versed in the sport of Lucha Libre, the Mexican-style of wrestling. Kincaid spent countless hours while living in Mexico working on the Lucha-style, which, added with is catch-as-catch-can heritage and training, rounded The Gift into one of the most complete wrestlers the NWA has seen in a long, long time. Mixing the various styles he has studied, Kincaid has a series of brutal and devastating signature maneuvers that have won him multiple championships, in multiple divisions.

The “JK47” suplex, “Death From Above,” “Wrong Turnbuckle,” “Cannonball Neckbreaker,” or the “Grave of the Fireflies” finishing move are all just a sample of the arsenal of Jason “The Gift” Kincaid, who is…

“The most heart-stopping, jaw-dropping, eye-popping, high-fly, death-defying, AWE-inspiring wrestler in the world today…”

Which makes him…

“The greatest grappler this side of the Golden Era!”

Jason “The Gift” Kincaid’s Photos