Name: “The Appalachian Outlaw” Jock Samson
From: Nelsonville, OH
Finisher: .38 Special Lariat

Jock Sampson is the latest contribution to the wrestling world from WV wrestling legend Brian Logan, who trained the big man. This country brawler has been around the world in his 8 years, winning championships nearly everywhere he has been.

Love him of hate him, The Appalachian Outlaw can wear down his opponents with his “Jock Kick,” a devastating drop-kick from the 250+ pound athlete. The “Appalachian Claw” is also a move Samson can apply at any time, either to recapture the momentum when he’s against the ropes, or as a way to finish off a weakened opponent. And if the “Jock Kick” wasn’t enough, the “.38 Special” lariat will knock any opponent, be it man, woman, or child, into tomorrow.

The Ohio native have certainly left his mark on the wrestling world in his 8 years, and NWA MAW will certainly not be any different. Samson is a world-class hellraiser and beer drinker.


Jock Samson’s Photos