Name: “Mr. e-LIT-tricity” Billy Lit
From: The Edge of a Lightening Bolt
Finisher: LITricution

Despite being 8 years in the sport of wrestling, Billy Lit is still a very young man with a long career ahead of him. Having trained in Atlanta, GA, under former WCW star Mr. Hughers, Billy returned home to West Virginia to become a decorated champion during his career. Billy has been a Cruiserweight Champion, a Junior Heavyweight Champion, a Heavyweight Champion, and a Tag Team Champion at different points throughout his career.

Billy Lit is known for his trademark charisma and energy, which are on full display each and every time he enters the arena. The second he bursts through the curtain the fans feel the “e-LIT-tricity” as he charges to the ring. That charisma and energy has carried Billy to many victories through the years, having helped him develop a knack for absorbing a lot of punishment, as proven by the fact he has competed against and defeated much larger and stronger men in the heavyweight division. He also has deceptive strength, which aids him against the smaller and slightly faster opponents in the Junior Heavyweight Division.

Billy can come at you from all directions; from the top rope, off the middle rope, out of the corner, or straight ahead. Opponents need to beware of his “LITomic Bomb,” but then again, don’t get caught with the “LITricity.” And if those two devastating moves were not enough, Billy Lit has now mastered the deadly “LITricution” finishing maneuver that is sure to keep opponents up at night…and fans on their feet!

Billy Lit’s Photos