Name: Sherman Tank
From: Canton, OH
Height: 6′
Weight: 367 lbs
Finisher: Spinning Spinebuster

Sherman Tank is a tank of a man. At 6’, and 367 pounds, this man is certain to make a huge impact on the entire NWA and NWA MAW. Tank broke into the wrestling business in April of 1995 under Chief Don Red Cloud. Then later refined his arsenal under former ECW star Taz. This monster of a man has caused a countless number of opponents to “Get Tank’d!”

The behemoth Sherman Tank relies on quick, high-impact moves like his devastating “Tankline” and a breathtaking running elbow drop. Tank’s “Avalanche” is also sure to guarantee victory, but if his opponent is able to withstand these three maneuvers, they will not escape if they Get Tank’d by the “Spinning Spinebuster.”

Sherman Tank is as tough as he is big. Who is man enough to stop a Tank?

Sherman Tank’s Photos